I was born in Rwanda in east Africa. Since I was young, modeling or working in the industry have been both dreams and pursuits. My mother owned a clothing store and some of my inspirations were born from her inspirations. My goals include expanding my career as a full-time artistic nude and fashion model. I also want to have shoe and clothing brands, as well as a restaurant. These are all interest that drive me and fuel my enthusiasm.

I am comfortable in my own skin that artistic nudes inspire me to explore greater depths of creativity. Through my pursuits in fashion and art-nude modeling, I crave to inspire others to express their own self-image in positive, creative outlets. Art nudes are not about a loss of intimacy or privacy. My art nudes are about creating beauty with other artists and I hope to inspire. Inspire not just through creating art, but to excite others to love nudity as expressions of their personality.

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