The Blogger

I’m a 23 year old introvert yet also a very free spirited and adventurous person. Born and raised in Rwanda and educated in the USA, I went to college in Utica, New York, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Health Information Management. After college I pursued a job/career in fashion merchandising in Buffalo, New York, but ultimately settled on freelance modeling and moved back to NYC. It has been very challenging, yet one of the best experiences.

I love everything vintage, colorful, unusual yet classy. I love cooking, putting outfits together, traveling and playing sports (volley ball). Cooking for friends and family brings me joy and helps me clear my mind. I express myself through outfits and a beautiful pair of shoes can make my entire day. Cooking and playing dress up is my therapy. On this blog, I will be sharing my day-to-day outfits and styling, Rwandan and some of my favorite foods as well as discussions to engage and interact with you. Visit often, say hi and enjoy.


Photo by Erin Albrecht

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